Revealing what Biden told Zelensky

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The Washington Post (WP) quoted an unnamed White House official as saying that US President Joe Biden told Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky that he would have a hard time getting Congress to subsidize Kiev if it continues to publicly complain that the support from the US is not enough.

US President Joe Biden and Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky

Zelensky called repeatedly and publicly on the United States and other Western countries to send Ukraine more w.e.a.p.o.n.s – even as President Biden and Congress were already sending unprecedented aid and advanced w.e.a.p.o.n.s to Kiev. 

According to the newspaper, there are cracks in the US political leadership over billions of dollars in aid sent to Ukraine. Those fissures are likely to widen significantly if Republicans recapture the House on Nov. 8. 

Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov

Meanwhile, on October 11, Oleksii Reznikov, the Minister of Defense of Ukraine, informed that four other highly mobile artillery r.o.c.k.e.t systems (HIMARS) of the United States had arrived in Ukraine. 

Announcing on Twitter, Mr. Oleksii Reznikov wrote: “Four additional HIMARS from our American partners have arrived! I thank Joe Biden, Lloyd Austin III, and the American people.” 

Earlier, the Pentagon also reported that the new US military aid package for Ukraine includes 4 MRLS HIMARS systems, 32 artillery pieces, and 200 armored vehicles.

rocket artillery system MRLS HIMARS

In the context of Russia’s special military operation, the US and its NATO allies are constantly supplying Ukraine with w.e.a.p.o.n.s. Moscow has repeatedly stated that the supply of Western w.e.a.p.o.n.s only prolongs the conflict and that arms shipments will become legitimate targets of Russian military a.t.t.a.c.k.s.


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