Russia has dispelled the myth of “super-weapons” supplied to Ukraine by the West

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Moscow insists that the “superweapon” provided to Kiev by the West has not had a significant effect on Moscow’s military operation in Ukraine.

“The special military operation dispelled the myth of “super weapons” that the West supplies to Ukraine. Initially, it was about deploying Javelin anti-tank complexes, some “unique” drones. HIMARS and long-range howitzers have recently been promoted as superweapons by Westerners. However, these weapons are also painted in paints,” – Shoigu said.

He said that HIMARS did not make a significant impact on the battlefield, even if Ukraine used them to attack important Russian targets such as logistics infrastructure and command centers. On the other hand, The Russian weapons, for their part, have proved their best qualities in combat.

HIMARS roc.ket artillery system

Shoigu added that Russian forces are “carefully examining” the Western weapon systems seized on the battlefield in Ukraine, and are “taking into account the features and specific qualities” of these weapons when planning combat operations. 

HIMARS is a series of artillery systems supplied by the United States to Ukraine. To date, Washington has provided at least 16 HIMARS systems in arms shipments worth billions of dollars to Kiev.

Ukrainian officials and some senior U.S. officials say HIMARS, along with other Western rocket batteries, “is turning the tide of the battlefield.”

“The Ukrainian military is effectively deploying HIMARS strikes against Russian command centers, logistics networks, and other targets,” Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said in late July.

U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Bridget Brink said on Aug. 2 that U.S. aid, including HIMARS, has shown effectiveness on the Ukrainian battlefield.

Ukraine appears to have used HIMARS for the attack on a Russian ammunition depot in Kherson in July, which inflicted heavy losses on Moscow.

The West has been providing arms aid to Ukraine since the conflict with Russia broke out in February. Moscow has repeatedly warned that the West’s continued “pumping” of weapons into Kiev will only prolong the fighting and risk spreading.

“In Ukraine, Russian soldiers are confronting the West, which is charting for its leaders a path of mixed war against Russia. These activities include financial support, arms aid, providing reconnaissance data, and training for the Ukrainian army,” Shoigu said.

“Nato’s aim is to prolong Ukraine’s suffering. But we are also sure that no one in NATO doubts that Russia will achieve all the goals set out in the special military operation in Ukraine, the plans to weaken Russia economically will fail,” the head of the Defense Ministry added.


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