Russia’s ‘trump card’ lurking in the Arctic makes the opponents not dare to launch a nuc.lear att.ack.

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Russia has a “trump card” lurking under the ice in the Arctic in case an enemy like the US or NATO conducts a nuc.lear att.ack. China’s Sohu page has an article on this issue.

Accordingly, last year, the Russian Navy shocked the world with large-scale military exercises in the Arctic waters to test the com.bat capabilities of strategic nuc.lear forces.

During this exercise, three strategic Russian nuc.lear mis.sile submarines penetrated the thick ice and simultaneously emerged at a predetermined point. The above action was done professionally and quickly.

Even American military experts are forced to admit that Russian nuc.lear submarines can quickly surface anywhere in the Arctic to launch strategic nuc.lear mis.siles any time of day or night.

“You should not think that the technology to break the ice cover is simple. During the exercises in the Arctic, the Americans tried to repeat the operation of Russian submarines, and the results were very frustrating.”

The Chinese language publication emphasizes that today no country in the world can detect a Russian strategic nuc.lear submarine lurking under the ice in the Arctic.

Considering the fact that strategic submarines are still combat-ready and can att.ack the enemy at any time, we can say that the Russian Federation has a powerful trump card hidden in the Arctic in the near future in case of a US nuc.lear att.ack.

These weapons are a very important deterrent for the US or any other NATO country if they intend to take military action against Russia.

“At present, Russia continues to strengthen its borders in the Arctic, asserting its unique position in the Arctic Ocean. Even the United States with its powerful economic and military potential cannot keep up with Russia here,” Sohu newspaper wrote.

Focusing on building a strategic nuc.lear submarine force with mis.siles is also a way the Russian Navy has long pursued to eliminate losses in surface ships compared to the US Navy and NATO.

With a strategic mis.sile launched from the North Pole, it will reach the target in the fastest time and disable all interceptors due to the extremely short reaction time.

The biggest advantage of Russian nuc.lear submarines compared to the US is their large size; a 20,000-ton battleship, of course, will penetrate thick ice much better than a ship with only 6-7 thousand tons.

According to comments from international military experts, in the near future, the US and NATO cannot come up with an effective plan to combat Russia’s “trump card” under the Arctic ice.

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