Ukraine: Putin says Germany made ‘mistake’ to side with NATO

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Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a press conference in the Kazakh capital of Astana on October 14 that Germany had made a “mistake” in siding with NATO in the w.a.r in Ukraine.

Russian President Vladimir Putin claimed that the decision to cancel the Nord Stream 2 pipeline was a German one and that it was an error to prioritize NATO and European security over what Moscow believes to be Germany’s national interest.

German citizens, businesses, and its economy are paying for this mistake, because it has negative economic consequences for the eurozone as a whole, and in Germany,” he said, in reference to Nord Stream 2.

By contrast, Putin believes Russia “is doing everything right” in its stalled effort to conquer Ukraine, which has led Russia to be accused of frequent rights abuses, w.a.r crimes and viola.tions of international law.

Putin said he believes that the work of partially mobilizing personnel was “coming to an end” and that all processes related to it would end in two weeks.

He added he would want the humanitarian corridors for Ukrainian grain closed should it emerge they are being used for what he termed “acts of terr.or.” Turkey, a NATO member state, and the UN brokered a deal to bring Ukrainian grain to world markets in July.

He also said Russia did not need to massively att.ack Ukraine “at the moment”, after a series of Ukrainian cities have come under heavy attack since the Crimean bridge was hit by truck bombs.

Putin noted that China and India favor a “peaceful dialogue” over Ukraine after their leaders clashed with him at a different summit.

The Russian leader also said he finds “no need” for future talks with US President Joe Biden, who earlier in the week dismissed the idea of dialogue with Putin.

Putin said he has not made a decision yet whether to attend the G20 summit in Bali next month, which would be his first encounter with leaders who stand vehemently opposed to his w.a.r against Ukraine.


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