Ukraine says Russia only has more than 600 long-range mis.siles, defeat is inevitable

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Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov assumes that Russia’s stockpile only has 609 mis.siles left out of 1,844 mis.siles before the war.

“By using hundreds of high-precision mis.siles against civilian objects of Ukraine, the aggressor state reduces its ability to str.ike the mili.tary targets.” Reznikov wrote in the tweet on October 14.

He included the mis.sile illustration graph showing that The number of modern mis.siles in Russia’s stockpile has decreased significantly, from 1,844 before the launch of the mili.tary operation in Ukraine, to 609 as of October 12.

The remaining ones include 124 ground-launched mis.siles out of an initial 900 and 272 Kalibr mis.siles launched by sea out of an initial 500. There are also 213 air-launched cruise mis.siles (Kh-101-Kh555), launched by air, out of an initial 444. Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov concluded that the defeating of Russian mili.tary is “inevitable.”

Graphic posted by Minister Reznikov about Russia’s mis.sile stockpile


Russia has not commented on the information of the Ukrainian Defense Minister.

The comments were made by Minister Reznikov four days after Russia launched a large-scale mis.sile str.ike against Ukraine’s “mili.tary command and energy infrastructure”.

Ukrainian officials admitted that Russian mis.siles hit 30% of the country’s energy infrastructure, they also suspended electricity exports to Europe and urged people to save.

In a report dated October 14, the Russian Defense Ministry announced that the Russian Air Force used “high-precision long-range wea.pons launched from the sea to attack an ammuni.tion depot in Brody, Lviv province, which contains a significant amount of wea.pons and equi.pment. mili.tary and muni.tions delivered by the West”.

The Russian Air Force also mis.siles at the bases  of the 59th Ukrainian moto.rized infa.ntry brigade un.its and a group of “foreign mercenaries” near Mykolaiv, the province’s capital of the same name. “The enemy more than 170 sold.iers, four arm.ored vehicles, three pickup trucks and six ta.nks,” the Russian Defense Ministry announced.

President Vladimir Putin said on October 14 that Russia does not need to carry out large-scale ra.ids on Ukraine now because Moscow has other plans. However, the owner of the Kremlin also affirmed that Russia does not want to des.troy Ukraine.

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